Cloverlodge Care Center Achieves One Year Injury Free!

Vetter Senior Living is deeply committed to the safety of our employees and residents. As part of our injury prevention efforts, we take time to recognize and celebrate with Cloverlodge Care Center who has attained “One Year Injury Free”.

A celebration to honor this achievement will be scheduled and hosted at Cloverlodge Care Center by VSL Home Office team members. The event includes a steak and chicken bar-be-que provided by owner and founder of Vetter Health Service, Jack Vetter. The party kicks off with a plaque presentation to commemorate the achievement and all employees were awarded pins for their personal commitment to the goal and for their daily efforts to keep themselves and their teammates free from injury.

Vetter Senior Living recognizes that laboring for one year without injury is a significant achievement. It takes great teamwork and allows us to continue to provide the world-class resident care for which are facilities are known. A safe work environment is best won by inspiring a desire to be safe and helping employees see that everyone benefits from safe work practices. It’s important to remind employees to practice safety, and studies show that education and awareness are key; however, supervisors underestimate their influence in shaping safe employee behaviors. Be sure to praise your employees when you see safety practiced. Manage troubled employees, seek to intervene in coworker conflicts, and learn the role you have in improving and maintaining morale. These endeavors contribute to happy, healthy, and productive employees, and fewer accidents result. Encourage peer influence to reinforce safe work practices and confront those that are unsafe. Model safe work practices, never glamorize risk taking, and orient new employees to safe work practices early on. Beyond “preaching,” these routines will support a work culture of safety that pays off.

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